Maxitrade Cryptocurrency Broker


Maxitrade Cryptocurrency Broker

Maxitrade is a well-known online Forex, CFD and cryptocurrency broker, owned by Strategy One Ltd and officially located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This global system has a big presence in in many countries. Its website is available in English, Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic and Polish. Its name is highly popular, a great number of traders have heard it and many of them are its customers. 

Maxitrade has earned respect and trust of great number of customers. The platform helps traders gain profit and enjoy trading experience without any problems. 

That’s how this experienced broker helps their customers:

  • It gives them all the necessary trading tools and information, necessary for learning and successful trading,
  • It provides them with a comfortable and easy-to-use trading platform;
  • It helps them learn how to use Forex indicators and enjoy successful trading;
  • It supports traders and answers all their questions and solves all their problems;
  • It offers them a great number of Forex signals, indicators and strategies, so that they can choose themselves and use those they find the most appropriate. 

Maxitrade is a reliable broker, which helps its customers earn much, because it earns together with them.


Maxitrade official site has some useful tools, which will help investors earn money. 

  • Online platform. Maxitrade offers a product of XCritical, a software developer, who offers solutions for Forex trading. It helps improve data management, monitor several revenue streams. Each product from this company is innovative and revolutionary, it’s already become a gold standard of the whole industry. The company keeps on developing, predicts needs of the future and offers professional solutions for them.  XCritical platform is famous for fast work, simple and user-friendly interface. Beginners and professional traders get easily accustomed to it and can’t imagine their successful trading with any other online platform. It embraces so many trading instruments, visual charts, instant transactions and built-in indicators, that it’s impossible to wish something more! 
  • Economic calendar. This tool describes the most important events in the markets of the whole world and shows how they influence the Forex currency market. It’s easy to understand the data presented in that financial calendar and sort the information by event, time and date. The table displays actual values, Forex forecasts, historical data charts, statistics – everything that a successful broker may ever need! 
  • Market news and reviews. This section presents the most interesting and reliable news, connected with financial world. A broker might get interested in them, because all of them influence the market. The news covers financial situation in a great number of countries: from Singapore to China, from Brazil to Russia. 
  • Spread Table. This tool covers information about the current position of cryptocurrencies, including volume of 1 lot, variable spread, commission and leverage. It’s useful to take a glance at that table before starting trading. 
  • MaxiTrade App available for iOS and Android. It’s easy and pleasant to operate the platform on the go and keep on trading, monitoring the quotes, opening and closing transactions and doing many other things, MaxiTrade is there for. 

All those tools are close to Maxitrade customers and available for them 24/7. 


Maxitrade clients are invited to trade with the help of the traditional MetaTrader4 platform. MT4 platform is considered reliable and popular for Forex trading. It’s a global standard, accepted by thousands of brokers. It embraces a great number of useful features, professional charting tools and various trading settings. It’s downloaded onto the desktop within a couple of minutes. 

The advantages of this system are the following:

  • User-friendly interface,
  • A great number of tools and indicators,
  • Quotes available in real-time mode,
  • Easy monitoring and management of trading,
  • Available in many different languages,
  • Reliable and trustworthy in many countries,
  • Compatibility with most devices, including desktop, iOS and Android,
  • Easy and fast trading,
  • A great choice of Forex signals,
  • Personal adjustments (you can adjust the system the way it’s comfortable for you),
  • Similarly good for newcomers and experienced traders. 

It’s easy to learn how to use the system within a couple of hours. The website also offers useful webinars and educational program, so any beginner will become a professional with such a massive help. 

If customers have problems, they get in touch with their personal analysts or customer support team. When they’re together with Maxitrade, it means that they’re never alone. 

Trading Signals

Maxitrade provides its investors with free trading signals.  That is one of its most remarkable and valuable advantages. The system is presented directly on the platform; it searches for appropriate trade alerts, based on various technical indicators. Maxitrade clients can select one or several filters they want to see. For example, only high strength alerts, connected with the exact assets they are trading. 

It’s possible to get those Forex signals on the desktop or smartphone, depending upon the chosen device. The mobile app makes the whole trading process quite easy for doing on the go, whenever the customer is.


The broker offers a great number of underlying assets in such categories as Commodities, Forex/Currency, Market indices, Cryptocurrency and Individual Stocks. As far as cryptos are concerned, the list is huge. It includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, DASH, Zcash and many others. Apart from cryptocurrency and real currencies Maxitrade includes such trading instruments as platinum, silver, palladium, gold, natural gas, oil. 

The assortment of Forex pairs, available here, is quite impressive too. It embraces such exotic currencies as Danish Krone, Czech Krona, Polish Zloty, Singapore Dollar, Russian Ruble, South African Rand and many others. The only exception is United States Dollar, because MaxiTrade doesn’t allow its customers use this currency for depositing, withdrawing and trading. 

Its leverage is up to 200:1 for most Forex pairs and 50:1 for Crypto pairs. 


Maxitrade offers various types of accounts, so that its investors can select the one which suits their needs best. Such a diversity is always good and attracts clients. A set of options and the amount of the minimum deposit is different from one account to another. The logic here is the following: the higher is the amount the customers deposit, the more services and perks they enjoy. They embrace big bonuses, responsive support and fast withdrawals. 

Here’s the list of the accounts offered and their options.

  • Start Account. Its lowest deposit is $250 and its highest one is $3,000. The service offers up to 50% of bonus and a basic introduction to the platform. 
  • Silver Account. Its minimum deposit is $3,001 and its maximum one is $10,000. The bonus goes as high as 100%, the customer gets a detailed introduction to the platform, learns more about analysis and gets a personal assistant. 
  • Gold Account. The smallest deposit allowed is $10,001 and the biggest one is $50,000. The bonus goes up to 120%. The customer gets a personal analyst, introduction to the platform, accelerated withdrawals and weekly reviews. 
  • Platinum Account. The lowest amount of deposit is $50,001 and the highest one is $100,000. The bonus is kept on the same level, as the one of the Gold Account. The customer gets the traditional intro, education, personal analyst and weekly review, as owners of Gold Account, but the additional feature is a quarterly trading plan. 
  • VIP Account. It’s the last stage, so it only states the minimum deposit at $100,000, which means that the maximum one can be as high as possible. The VIP customer gets highest priority of withdrawal, VIP hedging tools and priority access to trading sessions of the personal analyst. All those features are added to the options, available for Platinum Account, described earlier. 

So, it’s clear that the more money the customers pay, the more options and features they can enjoy. Some of them are described in details below. 

  • Bonus. This is the most interesting topic, because all brokers, regulated by Cyprus jurisdiction, had to stop offering it, when CySEC ordered them to do that. So it means that this feature is offered by brands, regulated by some other jurisdictions. Maxitrade claims to be regulated by Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority, that’s why it can offer bonuses to its customers. The bonuses are connected with some conditions that the customers will have to fulfil, if they want to get them. This feature is one of the most attractive for Maxitrade customers. 
  • Quarterly & Annual Trading Plans. This feature is available for owners of Gold, Platinum and VIP Accounts. It would be better, if customers received the plan, updated more frequently, than once a year, because it’s quite complicated to predict the market changes for such a long period of time. But still, a yearly plan is OK too, because it shows the strategy and helps prepare for the future trading. It’s a good help for beginners, who are not well-educated, so plan becomes their guide. 
  • Personal Analysts. Those people aren’t supposed to be financial advisors or wizards, who can predict the future. They only give their customers general guidance. Their help is greatly useful, especially for beginners, who are only getting acquainted with the platform. That’s the things they do: they analyze macroeconomic indicators which greatly influence currency market. The list of such indicators is wide and it includes unemployment statistics, consumer purchasing power, money supply statistics, market indices, inflation rate. Such influential currencies as USD, EUR and JPY are responsive to the changes of such factors, and it is important for Forex traders. 

What’s more, a newcomer can learn more about the system with the help of a demo account. It’s free and created to show all the ins and outs of the system. The demo account shows a good spread and many advantages of Maxitrade. Newcomers learn how to use Forex strategies and trading signals while using Demo account, so it’s a necessary first step for all beginners who want to prosper trading. It’s not recommended to skip learning via Demo account and plunge into the real trading, because unexperienced traders can make mistakes and lose their money. 

When investors move from free Demo account to the paid one, they see that the real making money process is a bit harder than they used to have before, in a free version. The reason for that may be the following: Demo covers all the advantages, available for VIP Account and not for Start one. So, it’s necessary to buy Gold, Platinum or VIP account to enjoy the advantages, presented in the Demo. 


The website offers two emails of customer support, a valid phone number and address. It also has a live chat and Skype. It seems to be quite a decent list of possibilities to get in touch with Maxitrade. Hundreds of customers have already got in touch with the customer support team and they’re thankful for their help. Customers get fast assistance, when they have problems with their accounts, deposits, withdrawals, trading. 

All the messages and words, exchanged between customer support and client, are recorded for keeping and possible further using. This is mentioned in Terms and Conditions. 

Payment Methods

The payment methods available are enlisted on the website and includes QIWI, Bitcoin, credit cards and WebMoney. From time to time Maxitrade can change this list and add some new options. 

Apart from the direct cost of services, customers have to pay some taxes or fees. That’s because Maxitrade uses the help of some third-party company, responsible for money transfer, and they also take some fee for their work. 


The system sets the lowest level of withdrawal and it’s $50. The money is transferred from the customer’s account to their credit or debit card, or bank account, when they submit the corresponding request. 

The payment method of withdrawal must correspond with the payment method of deposit. Before Maxitrade transfers money to its customer’s account, it needs their ID verification. 

The company may refuse to process the withdrawal, if it seems to violate its Terms & Conditions. Maxitrade is against fraud, so it keeps an eye on following the rules and laws. 

How it all works

Maxitrade helps its customers make money while trading currencies using the most profitable Forex trading strategies. It sends them important live Forex signals and recommends them buy and sell various currencies. Whenever exchange rate goes up or down, it’s possible to earn on it together with Maxitrade. 

Maxitrade customers use various Forex day trading strategies, buy low and sell high according to forecast from personal analysts. Though all that Forex system looks like a chaos for beginners, professional traders see its perfect order and harmony. 

Terms & Conditions

Maxitrade is not licensed, it’s an offshore broker, but still it remains reliable, because it follows its Terms and Conditions. The most important information is presented below:

  • Eligibility. Users over 18 years old are eligible to become the customer of Maxitrade. The company may ask for proof that its customer is an adult. 
  • The system can’t be used by residents or citizens of the USA.
  • If a user wants to become the customer, they have to create the account within the system by providing the true information about themselves. If their personal information changes, they’ll have to update it. 
  • It’s prohibited to use an account, belonging to any other person, or share the account with someone else. 
  • Maxitrade can terminate its customers’ accounts at its sole discretion, if they violated its Terms and Conditions. It’s the defense against fraudsters, who can be found among Maxitrade customers. 
  • MaxiTrade underlines the possibility that its customers may lose money while using its service, and the responsibility for that loss is entirely on the clients. It’s quite fair, because trading is always connected with risks. 
  • The customers may take part in transactions after depositing some money in any currency but for United States Dollars. The deposits can be transferred by credit or debit cards, e-wallets, internet payment vendors and other money transfer services. 
  • The company regularly offers various promos and bonuses to its customers, if they fulfill the corresponding requirements. 
  • The company protects the personal information of their customers. They give the system their personal data, because it’s necessary for trading, but no third party will ever know their name, phone number or email. 
  • Maxitrade can change its Terms and Conditions, and publish the amended text in the corresponding section of the website. 

How Reliable Maxitrade is?

At the moment thousands of reviews say that Maxitrade cheats, that Maxitrade is scam. That’s how their competitors try to make everyone believe it. It’s not fair because it’s a lie. The competitors even create fraud websites and fill them with fraud reviews, and it’s clear that they understand that Maxitrade is much stronger than they are, and they’re afraid of this reliable and professional broker. 

So, why is Maxitrade reliable? 

  • Its clients have no problem with verification and withdrawal. The system operates flawlessly. 
  • Traders are also satisfied with their personal analysts’ work. They follow their recommendations and earn much. 
  • Its customers are also deeply satisfied with the work of customer support team, which is always ready to help. 
  • Its customers trust Maxitrade signals and indicators and they earn much with their help. 
  • Forex trading together with Maxitrade is easy whenever its customers are. They can use its mobile app and trade on the go, at any time they want: early in the morning or late at night. They can plan their day trading routine the way they want, because Maxitrade is available for them 24/7. Forex market is flexible and it’s addressed to flexible traders. 
  • Maxitrade customers enjoy consistent profit while trading on Forex.  They use offered tools and information in order to predict future exchange rates and earn money. 

How to tell scam from a reliable broker?

There’re some factors characteristic for scam brokers. 

  • A bad website. It’s clear that it was created within several days, and its main goal is to attract people and take their money. Maxitrade official website is quite good, it covers several important sections, including Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy. It also embraces necessary tools, useful for a successful trading. Fraud websites don’t update their information, because they have another task, but Maxitrade frequently updates the financial news and review section. It’s clear that its website was created by professionals, who know much about trading and want their customers to know much about it too. Regular webinars help them learn more about this sphere, it’s always exciting to take part in them. 
  • No contact information. A fraud website tells nothing about the way its customers can get in touch with the people behind it. No phone, only email. Maxitrade customer supports offers a great number of possibilities to ask them any question. They include Skype, live chat, phone and 2 emails. 
  • Troubles with deposits and withdrawals. Fraud websites don’t offer many payment methods and never – bank transfers. Maxitrade offers a great number of payment methods including WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin and bank transfers. Customers may only use one bank account, based in their country of residence. It’s necessary to send them SWIFT or transfer confirmation that the payment was made. 
  • Education. Websites of scam brokers don’t offer any information, which can be used for raising customers’ awareness in trading. They don’t want them to know much, because it’s much easier to take money of those people who know nothing about trading. Maxitrade site offers much information and holds regular webinars to help its customers become professional traders. Maxtitrade wants its clients to prosper, because it prospers together with them. 
  • No information about experience. Of course, fraudsters can be very experienced, but they will never say, how long and how many people they deceived. They create websites, make videos and persuade customers into their scam. After that they eliminate their websites, change their name, create another company and another website and lie to other people. That’s not what Maxitrade does. This company has been working on Forex trading for 5 years, and it’s proud of thousands of customers who prosper together with their platform. Their experienced analysts know all ins and outs of this sphere and share their knowledge with their clients. 
  • Rude customer support. Since the main goal of fraudsters is to take money of their customers, they’re not interested in helping them and being polite with them. If they’ve already taken from their customers everything they can, they forget about them and don’t want to talk to them. But Maxitrade customer support is always there for its clients. It does care about them. It offers a great number of ways clients can get in touch with them: via skype, live chat, phone or email. They’re responsive and ready to help every single problem connected with Forex trading with Maxitrade. 
  • Presence of company. A fraud company, inviting to make money in Forex, is only present on its website and nowhere else. No one knows about it, it’s hardly known in a couple of countries. Maxitrade is a company with a wide spread. It’s famous in Europe, it’s has an office in London with a phone number, it regularly updates information on its Facebook account. Many brokers and traders know Maxitrade as a reliable and experienced company. 
  • Spread of company. Fraudsters attract their potential customers with a low level of spreads, but that’s scam. They take some hidden commission for deposits and withdrawals. Maxitrade is a perfectly transparent company, which sets a fixed spread on the web platform and doesn’t take anything more. The company sets a floating spread for MetaTrade4 platform, which means the permanently changing value between such parameters as Ask and Bid. 

Why do people say that Maxitrade is scam?

A great number of people say that Maxitrade lie. The reason for that is the following: it’s the competitors who understand that this broker is too prosperous and they can do nothing in order to win it. Competition is like a fight, and many dishonest people use any weapons. 

The truth is that customers can lose money, and it’s sad but true. Forex trading is always connected with risk, and there’re mistakes that traders make and fail. 

  • They plunge into the world of real trading without reading useful information and learning in the demo account. They are too self-confident, and make mistakes because of their ignorance. Maxitrade is not responsible for those fails, because it doesn’t control its customers, but only helps them and provide them with everything necessary. 
  • They’re too greedy and put too much at stake. Forex trading needs wisdom and sobriety. It’s impossible to earn much from the very beginning, the process is slow and consistent. Maxitrade teaches its customers to keep wisdom and never rush at risky transactions. 
  • Other psychological problems, including fear, ignorance, unwillingness to take responsibility for mistakes. Some customers think that Maxitrade is responsible for all their mistakes, but it’s not true. All people are different, and it’s impossible to predict how this or that person will behave. Maxitrade offers its customers its help, but it can’t predict how they will use it. 
  • They don’t want to use Forex indicators properly, ignore Forex signals sent by Maxitrade, and don’t take part in transactions, which could bring them real success. Then they blame Maxitrade for their own laziness and unwillingness to trade. 

How to trade successfully with MaxiTrade? 

Maxitrade shares some important recommendations that will bring any trader to success. 

  • Choose the right and reliable broker. When the traders are with Maxitrade, it means that they have made the right choice. It’s already a successful beginning. But it’s only the first step and it’s necessary to move on. Maxitrade gives you a good trading platform and useful tools, but it’s you who makes decisions and earns money. Of course, Maxitrade is always there for you, but still, it only helps you and doesn’t control you. 
  • Learn as much information about Forex, its indicators and signals, Forex strategies for beginners and trading mechanism. Maxitrade gives is customers all the necessary info, invites them to join its webinars, so it does care about it customers’ education. 
  • Select several tools and signals, don’t try to embrace everything at once, it’s impossible. Maxitrade together with MT4 offers a great number of opportunities, and you can only use some of them at a time. Remember that different Forex strategies demand different tools and signals. 
  • Develop yourself. Good traders are patient and attentive, they are not lazy and fast. 
  • Don’t forget about Stop Loss option. The trading is risky, but you can minimize them, and Maxitrade will help you! 

Forex trading is an exciting and profitable adventure, if you’re together with a reliable broker.

So, as far as I see it, Maxitrade is a reliable broker and no scam. I recommend this platform to everyone, who wants to earn money while trading. It’s fun and profitable! 

I hope, my Maxitrade review will be useful to those, who want to start trading and choose the reliable broker. It’s right here, don’t search for anything else!